Pup Crab - Fun days for your pet

£29.99 GBP

⚡ Eliminate boredom

🌟 Improve mood

🐾 Train hunting senses

❤️ Relieve separation anxiety

🎁 BONUS: Guide to Pet Health eBook Value : £29.99 GBP (Free Today)

Improve your pet's health, release energy and ease anxiety

Turn playtime into an unforgettable memory for your pet

Your furry friend will wag his tail in excitement, thinking he's found a new friend. Moments of joy and happiness that will improve his mood

Mental stimulation and mood enhancement

Keep your puppy's head spinning with this sense of excitement. He'll be happier than ever as he tries to understand the toy's movements. It's a surefire way to avoid boring days.

Relieving separation anxiety

When you have to leave your pet alone, this wiggly toy will be his new friend. It'll keep him entertained and stop him from wrecking the other things in the house. Let him run and pounce on this toy, and when you get home you'll find a happy pet.

Anti-Tick and Flea eBook

What's Inside?

- Understanding how/why it happens
- Identifying an infestation
- Do's and don'ts in the event of an infestation
- Best protection Method
- How to get rid of them 

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A question about our products?

Is it motion activated?

Yes, the Pup Crab automatically stops crawling when it detects an obstacle and starts crawling again in the opposite direction, giving your dog continuous playtime!

Can it crawl on carpets?

Yes! The Pup Crab can crawl on carpets!

Is it made from pet-friendly materials?

Yes - The Pup Crab Pet Toy is made from durable, quality TPR material designed to withstand powerful chewers! The durable design has been tested thousands of times to ensure your pet can play safely!

Is it child friendly?

Yes, the interactive design of the Pup Crab is both engaging and safe for your child!

Can my child play with it?

Yes, we get lots of videos of happy child LOVING their Pup Crab Toy!

Is it USB-Rechargeable?

Yes! It comes with a complementary USB charging cable that can connect to any USB-Based Device (Laptop, Desktop or USB Adapter)!

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