Lobster anti-stress pillow

£19.99 GBP

⚡ Eliminate boredom

🌟 Improve mood

🐾 Train hunting senses

❤️ Relieve separation anxiety

Improve your pet's health, release energy and ease anxiety

Ditch the chew toys and stuffed toys for dogs and cats in favour of the enriching lobster that pets won't want to part with.

Designed to stimulate their senses, give them energy, ease separation anxiety and improve their overall mood.

Turn playtime into an unforgettable memory for your pet

Your furry friend will wag his tail in excitement, thinking he's found a new friend. It's the perfect way to get the tail wagging and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Moments of joy and happiness that will improve his mood

Mental stimulation and mood enhancement

Keep your puppy's head spinning with this sense of excitement. He'll be happier than ever as he tries to understand the toy's movements. It's a surefire way to avoid boring days.

Relieving separation anxiety

When you have to leave your pet alone, this wiggly toy will be his new friend. It'll keep him entertained and stop him from wrecking the other things in the house. Let him run and pounce on this toy, and when you get home you'll find a happy pet.

A question about our products?

Is the Lobster suitable for difficult chewers?

Yes, the Wiggle Lobster is much tougher than an ordinary plush toy, so even the most aggressive chewers will have a great time!

Is the wriggling constant?

No, the wriggling is activated by the bite and the movement. The lobster only wiggles when pressure is exerted on it by your pet's bite or when it is shaken. This saves battery power and ensures a more interactive play session.

How do I charge and wash the lobster?

Charging: The lobster features fast USB charging. Simply undo the velcro on the lobster's belly, pull out the motion censor wiggler and plug into any USB charging port. USB charger is included with purchase.

Washing: The Wiggle Lobster is machine washable and will look brand new after a laundry cycle! Make sure to take out the wiggling device before washing.

How long does the battery life last?

Depending on play time and use the lobster will last an average of 2 days fully charged. This is possible because the wiggling is not constant and only exerts battery life when chewed or thrown!

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